Apply L1 while in USA on H4

Hi All,

I am on H4 and I was working with an MNC at offshore for the past 4 years. Can they apply for my L1 visa while I am here in US? If they apply for L1 Blanket Visa, Should I go back to my country to get it stamped or Can I get it stamped in US? What is the Process… Also pls tell would it be the same process for L1 Individual as well…


One of the L-1 requirements is that you should have worked for them for at least 1 year outside US in the preceding 3 years. That and the offered position should require knowledge of employer specific technology, skills, tools, expertise etc which is not commonly known outside the employer.

If you satisfy this then the employer can file L-1 for you. They can file it w/ COS so that you can start working on L-1 w/o getting L-1 visa stamped in the passport.

Thank you so much Saurab. But one last thing, hope what you say here is applicable for L1 blanket visa as well?

Yes, it should apply to L-1 blanket as well.