Apply H4 EAD while H4 is pending?

Hello community,

Since Covid-19 started, I apply for change of status from F1 OPT (using STEM EAD) to H4 because my F1 EAD was expired. I waited from March, 2020 till now (December, 2020) but my H4 cos is still in pending status. I already gave fingerprint but was still waiting for final decision.
My question is should I start to apply H4 EAD now? Because looking at the USCIS Processing times, it looks like it will take me another 6-8 months to get my H4 EAD approved (given the case that my H4 cos will get approved).
Also, my husband company is moving forward to sponsor both of us for green card through employment (H1B employment-based sponsorship). Should I wait for his company to apply I-140 (with premium processing) and then apply for H4 EAD. Or should I apply H4 EAD now while H4 status is pending?

Cannot comprehend a reason why would you like to wait for GC process to commence to apply for H4 ead. Both are independent and can even run in parallel.

@souvik_gh2005 I am not saying I would wait for GC, then apply for H4 EAD. I said: “Should I wait for his company to apply I-140 (with premium processing)”. If you could read that properly then you would not comment like that.
I am looking for answer from community to seek for advice about should I proceed I-140 first, then apply for H4 EAD.

You were seeking for advise and thats exactly what has been offered. If it has offended you that was never the intention. Anyway Good luck with all the processing.

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