Apply H1B with out Provisional Degree or Degree Certificate

I have 5 year of work exprience and have done full time BCA and part time MCA.

I have all my documents of BCA. But only have MCA mark cards, and have applied for PDC and Degree Certificate. But due to some issue at the University it may take some time, but don’t know how much.

My question is will my incomplet documents of MCA be a problem as i have, all my BCA certificate and all documents of 5 year of work exprience.

My employer have applied for non-AD/RP.

I believe that you have already filled for H-1B Petition and are waiting for an update. As far as I know, USCIS won’t accept Provisional certificates and will only consider the actual Degree certificates. Your employer/agency should have already informed this to you.

But I have my Bachelor’s degree certificate. Will my master degree matter.

U may get RFE to submit… That depends on case to case and the officer who examines ur case… U may or may not get RFE… Just wait till u get notified