Apply H1B cap exempt petition before entering to USA

I got H1B in 2015 through ABC consultant(Petition filed when I was in India). I am in India now. Visa stamping is done at US consulate in India and valid till 1 year(Petition valid till 3 years). I have never entered to USA on this H1B(note: I was working in USA on L1 in 2007 through XYZ ltd, I am currently employed in India.).

1 - If ABC consultant revokes the petition now as I am delaying to join him(note: I have not entered to usa on this H1B), Can another company file H1B cap exempt petition for me after my current petition is revoked by ABC consultant?

I read through many blogs but did not get anything fits my situstion

Please help me

Yes, another employer can still file cap-exempt petition for you.

Thanks Saurabh. I have another question on top of it. If I am entering into USA, how many days can I stay in USA on an approved sick leave(unpaid) without running any pay stub?

I don’t think there is an upper limit. However, if USCIS thinks that this was a way to circumvent bench period, then you may be in trouble. You should keep your medical reports, doctor’s notes suggesting time off from work etc to tackle any such USCIS queries in future.