Apply for Visitor Visa stamping instead of H4 Visa due to long wait times


I am currently in India, my husband recently got his h1 b approved. Since the wait time for h4 stamping is around 4 months, can I go for visitor visa instead(visitor visa wait time is only a week)?

I have a family situation where my husband and a kid in US going to school . I want to be there earliest to be able to help them. I am thinking of applying for h4 stamping parallelly and when the appointment time comes will come back and attend the interview.

I want to know if there will be any issues for my Visitor visa, that I am not aware of. What are the chances of getting my visitor visa approved.

Thanks for your suggestions!

There is a good chance that your visitor stamping would be denied as you have family in US. The VO may ask you to appear for H-4 and deny B-1/2.