Apply fo H1 while current visa status is L1-B


I am on L1-B visa and my visa is expiring on 4thApril2013.Can my company apply for H1 Visa in april without me going back to my native country and can I stay in USA till my H1 visa result comes.

Thanks for your help on this.

Please reply ASAP as its a bit urgent.

When is your I-94 expiring?

My i-94 is gettign expire on 4th April 2013 itself.

They can apply H-1 for you, but you cannot stay beyond current I-94 expiration date unless your L-1 extension is also filed. The H-1 when filed w/ COS, will be approved for Oct 1 and so there will be a break in I-94 b/w April and Oct. That is why you cannot stay in US unless L-1 extension is also filed.