Apply B1 while holding H1B approved petition

Hello Redbus team,

Hope you’re doing fine.

I got my H1B petition approved(not stamped yet) last year July’14 but because of certain reasons my project got cancelled. Now, I’m getting a new project with different client(different location) but the new client wants me to start on urgent basis. As per the new rules, my H1B petition needs amendment before I can start working for this new client which will take atleast 3-4 weeks.

So my company is recommending to apply B1 Visa and have initial knowledge transfer and other initial project training and meanwhile request amendment for the H1b petition. By the time, I’ll be done with KT and other trainings, I will have my h1b petition ready for new client.

I’ve some doubts in this process:

  1. Is it recommended way to apply for B1 while holding H1B?

  2. If at all, I got/rejected my B1 visa, then will there be any question while H1B stamping?


Cheers :))

I am also in same boat … what was your experience. pls