Appling F-2 Visa

My wife got rejected for F-2 visa under 214b. Last time she applied for F-2 in 2019 Fab from Mumbai Consulate. After 2 years of gap we are going to apply for last time. but the thing is my visa expiring date is June 2021. Should we try for F-2 visa? We are married since 2017. I am doing my Undergrad. Please any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank you

This is a difficult decision…F2 is very hard to get, just because the VO believes that you cannot afford. many have denials more than once and also some have approvals too…So, hard to say. You can try it, worth a shot…

Yes you are right. Getting F-2 visa is difficult but they are not allowing any kind of visa for married couple. I haven’t try in other category but I saw many couples got rejected for other visa also. So me and my wife are getting nervous for this time.