Applied h4 for wife& kid officially thru my company.we don't 've a marriage it risk to attend h4

I got h1b and been two months since am working there… have all the other proofs, invitation card , wedding album, kid’s birth certificate and adharcard… we both have our passports with spouse name added …and kid’s passport do have our names as parents . Kid is 2and 1/2 yr old

For H4 visa, marriage certificate is very important. Its easy to get one from your local area registrar office.
Without marriage certificate, you may need to prove your marriage and kids relationship with alternative ways. One challenge is that having kids together doesnt constitute you both are married. Wedding invitation, album etc are just supplements over the marriage certificate rather than alternatives.

It has been awhile since evidence of marriage was requested by consulates specially because they rarely trust any document produced in applicant’s home country such as affidavits or certifications. Passports, adhar cards, names on passport indicating spouse or child status should be enough. Please do not present photo albums or invitation cards to the officer unless specifically asked to do so. These are asked only when the spouse appears underage or looks tortured as is the case in human trafficking. A good letter to carry is one by employer stating that they are aware of spouse and child (names and passport numbers) plan to join their primary H1B employee.