Applied H1 on April 1st and project got over on 5th april

Hi Saurabh,

Need your help. Applied for H1 on April 1 and my project was over on 5th April. Yesterday I got an RFE asking client letter ? Now what is the chances to get approval and what should we replied back to them.

Your replay would be highly appreciated.

You may reply with your new project details and new client information. You need not worry about it as your lawyer will take care of it for you. Your lawyer will draft a detailed reply for the RFE notice.

If you haven’t found a project yet, USCIS would have given you a stipulated time to reply back, so you can get the documents by then.

My project was in NY when I filed my H1 but if I get new project in NJ or some where else do my employer have to filed up New LCA before replied to RFE.

RFE asked for client letter only…

Replay would be appreciate.

Although it asked for client letter only, the employer can submit new LCA and new project documents along w/ a letter explaining the situation. Your attorney should be able to prepare all this for your case.

Thanks Saurabh.