Applied for Learner's license & responded to RFE at the same time


I applied H1B cap-exempt quota premium processing through a consultant & got an RFE saying that "the passport details & I94 details weren't clear enough" & we have already responded for it. We will be responding to this query very soon. Does it mean that USCIS has already verified all the other documents that were sent & are okay with it like everything else is in place for my H1b processing but for this? As in if there are multiple reasons for an RFE will it all be listed together in a single RFE or is there any possibility of me getting another one? 


Also I applied for a learner's license today they told me that the name in my H4 visa


SURNAME: my full name

With above details they had issues in entering my details in system & have written to the US Homeland Security to verify what my first name & last name is. Wanted to know if this will have any impact on my H1B case when USCIS responds to this RFE. Will USCIS know about all this?

Really appreciate any help & expert comments here at the earliest.

The DL issue will not impact the outcome of your H-1 processing.

What’s the name used in your H-1 filing?