Applied for H4 and H1. How do I change status from H4 to H1 in US ?

  1. I am on L2.

  2. I husbands employer did not extend his L1.

  3. My husband and I applied for H1. My husbands H1 is approved.

  4. I applied for H4 and also wiaiting for my H1B approval.

  5. If H1 is approved 1st then H4 ,then how can I change status from H4 ot H1 ? Can I withdraw H4 petetion as soon as i get my H1B ?

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First of all, What is/was the validity of L1/L2 visa when is it expiring?

Has yr husband got I 797 petition approved by USCIS?

If h1 is aproved first, then h4 no problem.

Inform Uscis about the facts.

If yr husband has I 797 then you are both safe.

If not it depends on validity of L1 .

Is he still working with old L1 visa company ?

What does he do now ? Where is he working today/


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