Application process for H4

I am writing regarding H4 VISA process for my spouse. I am in process of relocating on academic H1B VISA to Texas. I was recently informed by the university that my H1B VISA application has been approved by department of homeland security. Unfortunately, the university does not apply for spouses H4 visa and it needs to be taken care by me. Currently we do not hold any US active VISA and are applying from India.

I would like to know your advice for H4 VISA of my spouse.

To proceed with I would like to know:

  1. What documents are required from my university and myself for the H4 application. Please list the documents
  2. How much time it may take and does it involve petition filing with USCIS similar to that of H1B?
  3. Can this process be completed by myself without hiring attorney services?

“relocating on academic H1B VISA to Texas” - What do you mean by Academic H1B Visa? H1B is typically WORK Visa than an Academic visa.

If you already had a H1 Visa and your spouse is currently in India, just send the H4 stamping (at local US consulate)paperwork (mostly your H1 paperwork, approval notice copy, current employment letter by your H1B employer, proofs related to prove you and your spouse relationship(like marriage certificate, wedding photos, wedding card etc).
If you want FULL list of paperwork, google for them OR call your local US consulate.