application for Change of status from H4 to F1 is initiated but ???

i am in usa on H4 and i have applied for change of status to F-1. If in case my spouse has to go back to India before decision on my application, then can i alone stay in US on H4 visa till the decision on my application for F1 is not made or I have compulsarily to go back to India with my spouse.

You need not go out of country. If your spouse is not going to come back then its different case. assuming your spouse is going out of US for short time, you can stay in USA. Remember if you go out of US , when the decision is pending then your application will be considered as abandoned and will be no longer valid. Other option is, you can take a fresh I - 20 from the school and go to US consulate in India and applying for F1 visa. if approved your passport will be stamped, if not you need to come back on H4 visa.
I was on same boat but I got my COS approved before my travel dates.
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