Appear for H1B Visa stamping with two approval? Current I797 expires on 10-23-2014. New extn approved 10-24 to 08-14-17

I am currently in USA. My H1B visa stamping in my passport from my old employer (Employer A) got expired in Nov 2013. Current H1B petition from my current employer (Employer B) expires on October 23, 2014. I got my H1B extension (Employer B) last week effective from October 24, 2014 to August 14, 2017. Now I have a need to travel to India on vacation in the month of June 2014 and planning to go for a Visa stamping on first week of July (3 & 1/2 months before the new petition starts).


  1. When I go for stamping which petion will I be submitting, old, new or both? I would like to get visa stamped for the period that my new petition is valid for (Aug 14, 2017).

  2. If I get my visa stamped with new petition which is valid from Oct 24th, will I be able to travel back to USA with stamping based on new petition(if new petition was used), in month of July (before the validity of new petition or visa starts)?

  3. Do I need any letter from attorney/employer to make sure that I can get my new visa valid from month of March so that I will not have any issues at the port of entry?