Anyone with name starts with 'S' got selected in H1B 2015 ??


I’ve observed in my company that employees whose name starts with 'S" didn’t got the the approved or rejected mail from USCIS. We were expecting that we didn’t got selected. If any one got selected pleas let us know.



One of My close friends Name starts with ‘SXXX’ and sometime around 1st week of July, he recieved a mail that his CASE was Approved by USCIS. . If your petition is picked up in lottery and case ID is generated, Post that for any enquiry/details,you can directly call up to the USCIS no. and check. (Even he has done the same).

Good Luck!

We didn’t got any mail regarding lottery whether rejected or approved.

Thanks for bringing up this question. My employer too haven’t heard back on the case from USCIS. So wanted to check if there are still approvals rolling out. As i guess i see someone got it first week of Jul. were there any approvals 2-3rd week of July?