Anyone waiting on L2 EAD biometrics


Has anyone got their Biometrics appointment recently ? I’m waiting for my L2 EAD Biometrics. Receipt date: 4th May

Background: My H1B was supposed to max out on May 31st, 2020. Employer had delayed filing my I-140 and by the time they filed (26th March), premium processing was suspended due to covid. So they had filed a L2 EAD/COS on 4th May (based on spouse’s L1B), so that I’m not out of status. I-140 was approved on June 1st and H1B Extension was filed the same day and converted to premium processing later.
Now, the L2 EAD/COS got a RFE and so did the H1B Extexsion. Reason for H1B Extension RFE was, L2 EAD/COS should be adjudicated before the H1B and since that was in RFE, H1B also got a RFE. Necessary doc was provided for the EAD and now I’m waiting for Biometrics appointment.
Last update from USCIS was, they opened up ASCs from July 13th and will be sending out appointments within Oct 27 for all cases delayed due to Covid.