Anyone received receipt number for the case file on June 8th or 7th?

Has anyone received the receipt number from USCIS for the case filed on June 8th or even for June 7th?

If yes, which center was your case filed?

Please share the information. Thanks in advance

You can have a look at the discussions going on in the forum below


Few have made it on 7th and 8th Jun (read comment from Sree [June 11, 2012 at 2:34 pm](

Thanks Jiya. Information was helpful.

Based on the thread where Sree, Madhu and narayan have received acknowledgment for jun 8 applications, would it be safe to say everyone on June 8 has made in (both reg and PP)? Are there any possibilities of correct applications missing out that were received on June 8 ?

I agree. My petition was also delivered on 8th morning at Vermont. Attorney has not received any communication yet. Lets hope for the best.