Anyone processed H1b from techsel


Please let me know anyone got H1b from techsel.


They have selected my profile …let me know what conditions they have put.

Are they charging any money?

I think apart from 20K they ask for documents evaluation which cost around 800$

thats fine. But are they genuine? do they have clients? Can they provide a client letter?

I am not sure you need to ask them the hsitory how many they applied last year, how many get approved.
I saw in glassdoor they provide masked receipt, which is not genuine.
I am not sure if you pay also they will apply or not. Thats why I created this topic who has really got approved in previous years through techsel.
Their are many vendors in market which do documents evaluation but it seems they force to go thru particular partner vendor only.

Same thing happening with me …they asked me education evaluation and expert opinion letter for which they are referring me to utevaluators they are very costly and I feel both have some agreement. I am thinking to drop off. Because, I asked my USA friends, they are all okay with not charging money but they were unsure of expert opinion letter and education evaluation letter.

Also, if your read the news, now we have new process for H1B first they need to register our information in to usics and by march 31st we get to know if we were picked for lottery then they will need to submit additional documents.

I am also in the same situation. They are asking to get education evaluation and expert opinion letters from utevaluators ONLY. I have submitted all my other documents. But there has been no acknowledgement on the same.

Hi, can you pls share me your contact ? I am aslo is same boat

Hi Naveen, can u please share me your contact ? I am also in same boat