Anyone has experience with Maverick Consulting for H1B sponsorship

I’ve been asked for $1000 ( before lottery pickup) & $5000 for H1B filing for this year. Does anyone have experience .

Do anyone knows H1B sponsors based out of Houston , I’m currently on H4 status.

Paying for H-1B fees is illegal. Even then what they are asking for is huge amount of money.

You will lose $1000 if you don’t make through the lottery. Easy money for consulting company. How do you ensure they actually file the petition for you?

Thanks Saurabh. That’s the dilemma I’m in right now . With paying H1B fees is illegal , I’ll eventually be kind of partner in crime :frowning:
I’d been looking for H1B sponsors from the DB however majority are MNCs don’t entertain outsiders.
Any other option to check for H1B sponsors in houston , so that I can meet them in person before finalizing .

Hi Nishant,

Greetings from Danta Technologies in San Diego.Please send your resume to Or Call 6196182846 and ask for Vic.

Thank you,

Visa Processing Team / Danta Technologies