anyone got response who applied on may25th under PP??

MY H1b applied on may25th and got recipt number on jun 1st…still waiting for the response …today is 14th day…is any one on the same boat…? generally what is the minimun time frame for premium processing …?

Hi Arun,

I have filed on June 2 and received my receipt on June 7, but I received a RFE yesterday.

The Way with PP is so tricky, sometimes they give RFE just to buy more time. Unless the job-education-experience-E&E relationship everything is perfect to the T, there is always a chance of getting RFE, is a PP just like regular filing.

There have been instances where, people have got an approval in 6hrs after their Case status shows " Review" in a PP. But such things are rare.

Mine was filed on June 7 as PP in California, got receipt on June 8,got approval notice today-June 15.The stage moved from Accept to Decision suddenly.Hope this helps.