Anyone attended for Visa Stamping for H1b 2014 Petetion ?

Hi Friends,

	 My H1b 2014 petetion was approved in April
	I read the info that we can get visa stamped anytime but can only enter US 10 days prior to Commencement of employment and Iam planning to attend interview in June 1st week..
	Anyone appeared for H1b 2014 First Visa Stamping,I know we can only work from Oct 2014..
	May be it is too early but wanted to know if anyone appeared for Stamping
	If Yes kindly share your experience..

Hi Med123,

Did you finished your stamping? I’m waiting for appointment my petition is also approved.

Please add your experience it will be guidance to us.


My stamping was successful , it went for maximum 5 mins…they just looked at the Approval letter and approved visa…

Thanks Bro…

Can you please let me know which consulate office you attended and when. Actually im going to dubai consulate as im working here. And one more thing which working model u belong to (EC/EVC/EVVC)…

Mine is EVC - Employer Vendor Client Model

Awaiting your reply.