Anyone applying for H1B through reliant vision?

Hi I am planning to apply H1B this year 2018. There are many consultancies.

Reliant vision is one of them. Anyone applying for H1B through reliant vision this year 2018?

I am also applying from reliant vision group.can u share mail id or no?

Hi, I have also applied through reliant vision. What were your results and have you been contacted by Reliant vision for further steps.

Hi, Is Reliant vision genuine? what is your visa status?

Hi @us546
Yes it is genuine.
Visa status is still unknown. I only know that my application has been picked up in the lottery but, post that there is no update

Hi, I have also applied through reliant vision. what is your visa status

My application is picked in lottery. Waiting for the case number. how about you?

I am also in same position.

I am also in the same situation. Case/ receipt number is still not shared by them.can you share your email/no?

Hi indym272, sorry to disturb you, from past 2 years desperately I am looking for a genuine one. Could you please share the details to mail id:

Reliant vision is a fake company. Don’t ever get into their trap if it involves with money to apply for the Visa. They promise individual that it’s been picked up in the lottery and at the end close the chapter saying it’s declined.

@Mayush your application got denied with reliant vision? Did you get denial of notice ?

This is a fake company. The complete HR group is part of the fraud. Reliant Vision - Arun Metta is the key in getting the money from applicants and end of the year announce that it’s denied. Since I have all the phone conversation which happend, and in process to raise the fraud case against reliant vision and Arun Metta.

Yes you are true Mayush.Reliant Vision is fake company. I ended up with same. Initially they told my application is picked and share on case number. Got RFE and finally its denied.
Mayush can you share your mobile no

Hi , did you receive receipt number after lottery selection?
U got h1 approved .?
Can u pls share ur comments
Am on the same boat now

Hi, did u get any update on ur h1b? Is it genuine?

If anyone want to raise a complaint against Reliant vision and its sister company xceed technologies. Fill out form WH-4 and send complaint email to Google on how to complain against h1b employer.

Hi did you got uour h1b? Or is it a fake company?

Hi, did you got your h1 approved? Or it it a fake company?