Anyone applied H1B visa through Blue Planet Software Solutions, Hyderabad

Anyone applied H1B visa with Blue Planet Software Solutions, Who had experience with them,I received call and emails from Blue Planet and all process are done now need to pay the amount.

I just want to know is they really genuine.



It looks like this company is a fake . Please do a rigorous inquiry before paying .

Did you get a receipt number from them ??

By this time you should be getting all the hard copy like LCA,I797 etc…

Which year you applied with them ??

Thanks for your reply.
I am on process with them 2016-17 I already got offer letter from USA and now to start paper work to deposit money.Blue Planet Software Solutions is a consultant and they have client in USA and client will applied my H1B visa. So what other document required to check.

Hi Rajneer,

I also got call from this consultancy 3-4 times. The number was from Florida. He sent me some form to fill on email.

I was skeptical like you and needed time to think to go ahead as they asked for some fee to pay.

I would like you to kindly update me about your experience with Blue planet, so that I can also apply.

Also if possible you can connect with me on gmail ( for side chat.


My number is 9876301824…i have got call from them and they asked to pay us dollar 1000 as initial amount. But not got any offer letter from them.


you had attend the any interview from company.join me on whattspp : +971551898268


Some H-1B rules for you:

  1. H-1B is always applied by your employer and not a client. Is your employer going to be this company or the client? If it is the client, then you need to learn about the client as their paperwork will make the difference
  2. It is ILLEGAL to pay for H-1B and this company is knowingly breaking the rules

Thanks Saurabh,

Blue Planet Software Solutions is the consultant who have employer in USA and employer will applied my visa. I know its is illegal but I received mail for 3-4 consultant from Hyderabad but all are same they charging fees for H1B visa.
You any one who can apply H1B visa kindly let me know. Have you ever been applied H1B visa?

Do you know the identity of US employer? What happens in such an arrangement is that this consultant and employer will pass the blame on each other in case things go south.

I don’t know any employers to recommend you. However, the urge to get H-1B shouldn’t make you a willing participant in breaking laws.

Hi Rajneer, Gaurav, Ahswani

Even am facing same situation like you. I had the Client round interview from Smart Source USA Inc. and received an Offer. Now Blue Planet are asking me to sign the contract and pay 1000 USD initially . I verified about this Client in some of websites and they had success rate of 48 H1 Lotteries Picked out of 110 Filed last year. You can find the report in below site.

All this information is just from Websites, even am skeptical to move further with this guys . Please get in touch with me or watsapp on +919885428993


Hi Guys,

May be the consultant and employer are genuine but some terms and conditions should be in your favor.

Main problem is that if God forbid your name doesn’t come in lottery then they are definitely going to make you cry for refund.

It can be beneficial If they are ready to make the contract and take their fee once you join the employer.

Well good luck with your H1b.

The link you posted about 48 approvals - that’s for LCA and not H-1B. LCA is the first step of H-1 filing and usually most of the applications get approved unless there is a clerical error or the attorney is an idiot.

Real challenge is H-1B (I-129) approval. Ask the company about their success rate w/ that.

Also for H-1B terminology - Smart Source is your employer and Blue Planet is a middle man making money out of this arrangement. If something goes south, they both will pass blame on each other. Ask them who the end client would be. Smart Source will most likely place you at a end-client location, and lot of desi consulting companies (that’s what Smart Source is) have tough trouble in proving that to USCIS.

Gaurav,thank you for answering. I don’t think it’s gonna work in that fashion as u said.They denied to decrease the fee of $ 2350 which they charge in case of not picking up in the lottery.

@ saurabh, smartsource- USA offered m 62k for permanentposition and to work for their in-house projects.If I choose then I may face the challenges u said in finding the now am stuck here whether to believe them and move forward or not.

@ saurabh, smartsource- USA offered me 62k for permanentposition to work for their in-house projects.If I choose consultant mode of role then I may face the challenges u said in finding the now am stuck here whether to believe them and move forward or not.

For most of the consulting companies, in-house project is a sham and they revert to it when they are unable to find clients. Ask this company, what will be your actual job description. How will the company make money off you? Will you be working on a product that will be marketed?

Hi Rajneer, whats the status of ur Visa filing?

Guys, Did anyone processed for further, Even I am in same position, please whatsup me 91-9640400300, if you have any updates.

Hi I got mail from blue planet regarding h1b process. Can any suggest me to go with this company or not.

I gave up this opportunity.