Anyone applied for LCA on 6/1 and got certified for LCA?

Did anybody file their LCA on 6/1 and got it certified? Please chare the date and time of certification. This will help me predict my chances.

Mine was filed by the employer attorney on 6/1 at 4 PM PST and still wiating to get certified



I have applied on 6/1 and it got certified on Friday at 10.00 PM CST…So i have sent the documentation today ie 6/11 by next day Fedex …It will receieve 2mrw …Fingers crossed i am damn tensed …Still there is no update from USCIS…So having some hopes but still i am tensed …Did you check the status of ur LCA in that site ?

As per my attorney mine was applied on june 1 and got certified on June 8 Friday around 7:45 PM.

So when did you file your H1B doc …Today or Saturday itself through Fedex…

My LCA was applied on 5/31, one day before yours and got certified on 6/7, the documents are sent to California Center the same day for premium processing and received by the center on 06/08, receipt number is generated on 06/11 and made it through the cap. Hope you have the same chance.