Anyone applied for H1B through cogent infotech got their refund?

I applied for my H1B through cogent infotech located at Pittsburgh but didn’t get my refund yet.I did lot of mails and calls but they are saying that they will refund and sporadically replying to my mails. Please let me know if anyone applied through cogent infotech?

Its been more than 2 years and still they did not refund. But they are in touch and I have all the mail communications.

Did you explore the option of suing them?


The truth is i dont know how to sue them. If you know could you please share me the details? Thanks in advance.

I have tried exploring the option but not sure about the proper way.

Is this employer based out of US or India? Email them that you are going to complain to USCIS and DOL about them as you have been defrauded. If they don’t respond, file a complain with both DOL and USCIS.

Paying for H1B is illegal in the first place. If you did, these consultants are clever enough to cover their tracks of payment. The email address may be vague too, not a corporate email that they will reply from. Do you have any proof of the payment, if at all ?

Remember, paying for it is also illegal. So, you may also get into trouble.

Yes I agree. I made a mistake and I paid:) for my mistake and I am never going to work in USA. All i want is, they should not do this to someone again.