Anyone applied for H1b from Experis for 2017-18 ?

Anyone applied for H1b from Experis for 2017-18 ? Anyone petition got picked in the lottery ? Please share the details i have few queries to discuss. My email id is :

I have applied, but haven’t got any news.Don’t have much hope now.

Did u get selected? If selected got receipt number

Yes…I got receipt id. I have few queries on next steps

Hi,i am told that i am selected in lottery but they dont have any receipt number.Can you please tell who gave you receipt number ?USISC or Experis team ?

When they told you, you are selected?

I got the receipt id from experis team. You can check with them once. When did you got the update that you got selected ?

Yesterday,ivwas told when i called

I got the receipt id from portal directly.It is updated dr.can someone tell what is the next step?

To whom you called to confirm you are selected

I got selected too from experis. For all who got selected we have whattsapp group to interact. Pls share your contact.

My WhatsApp contact no. 9620709596. please add me to the whatsapp group

i have applied and got selection email from Experis regarding H1B lottery and also got receipt number from portal(Experis portal). can anyone know about next process of company like when contact us for further process…
please add me on whatsApp group also…mobile no: 7798885287

Hey can you please add me into the group as well. I have been selected in the lottery from Experis. My contact no is 7980659873

Guys is this thread active yet .
Wanna hear if anyone has travelled yet . Add me to the whatsapp group too 9673540162