Anybody recvd decision whose petition was filed after Apr 16th in WAC?


Have any of you whose petition was filed at WAC (first 3 digits of your case number) on or after April 16th received your decision? Mine was filed on that day and it looks like such a long wait. So thought of asking other people in this forum. Looks like Vermont Service Centre is processing faster!!


Some people who filled in April 10th in WAC processing center got RFEs on August 1st and 2nd. I don’t think Vermont service center is faster since some petitions filled in April 10th in EAC is still in Initial Review. We cannot say based on the petitions. it varies from one application to other based on your employer, client and other factors.

Thanks Vivek

Hi Vivek,

Could you please let us know what are all the factors on which the case processing time gets decided?

The following are the factors are decides your processing time.

  1. Your prior exp in US

  2. You Client for which you travel.

  3. Your Client’s location and the unemmployment ratio in that State

these are some fators etc…