Anybody knows about Maark overseas in hyderabad? Is it genuine for L1B visa


We went to Maark overseas for L1B US VISA. Is it genuine one or not? Is there 100% success rate. Now it is closed. And when we call to Praveen he is saying that for next 2 or 3 weeks it will be closed. We are not understanding whether it is genuine or not. can anybody suggests?

It is fake. There have been many questions on Maark overseas. DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY TO THEM!

search for maark overseas on this forum itself!

I have paid for them as well 85+8. Very horrifying experience of no call , office being closed not sure what to do. Its not about money it’s about the carrier as they made me to put down my papers… very irritating.

Lodge a police complaint against them. Lots of people have faced this fraud company. I think there are google/Yahoo groups for the victims.

i am also victim from vadorara…i have paid 1 lakhs 15 thousand…please tell me, how can be punish him…and send back our money…

keep all the receipts…you are not supposed to pay for your H1B visa. Tell the consultant you will lodge a police complaint and return the money. Sorry to hear it but you should have been more careful

its a fake consultancy, even I’m also one of the victim. please lodge complaint against them at police station.