anybody changed the name in US? Im having indian passport.


Anybody here changed the name from US? I’m on H4.

Please let me know the process and your real time experience.

as per my understanding,

  1. Give ad in India and US newspaper

  2. After 30 days, goto court with the original newspaper and get a court order and few affidavits

  3. apply for new passport for new name

  4. new ssn, new license etc…

Do i have to hire a attorney for my case?

How long this will take to get my court order normally?

Do i have to get the name changed in Visa papers?

Is it easy to change in india or US?

All the replies would value more. I have 14char first name and 30char of last name. Facing problem in everywhere in US.



Hi KB,

Rather than changing your name, I’d suggest you just start giving out your short name whenever you deal with anyone.

name change would require change on multiple documents and would be an unnecessary hassle.

I have a 10char first name and 10char last name. I shortened it to just my initials and it works well.