Anybody able to book a standard visa appointment

Is there anyone who is able to book OFC and consulate visa appointment date within past 7 days (from Aug 1st to Aug 9th) for any date earlier or later before going for Emergency request based on NIE? Delhi or Mumbai consulate? will be really thankful if someone can share this info…

I have been trying to book and do see slots but when I try to book, I get error that no slots available for booking.

I have a visa appointment in March 2022 and I have been unable to find any new Consular dates over the last 3 weeks, even when I select OFC dates in Feb and March 2022. I started wondering if they have blocked the ability to reschedule appointments at present, for some reason. I emailed the Delhi consulate a few days ago and they said they are currently unable to reschedule appointments, and that applicants should not cancel or change their current appointments. I contacted USTravelDocs since they never informed us about anything like this, but I haven’t got any clarifications. I understand that the consulates may not expedite visa appointments other than those on medical/humanitarian grounds. But it’s confusing that they wouldn’t allow us to reschedule an appointment, even if only for a regular appointment months away.