Any way to get the h1b approved copy / Reciept number other than employeer?

hi all,

after long wait i finally get the h1b approved. but my current emp is not ready to give me the reciept number or approved copy as they dont have any opening as of now.

my questions are

  1. is it possible to get the reciept number / approval copy from uscis via LCA filling number? (I only have that number)

  2. is it possible to transfer the H1 directly without going over to usa ?

3 By when can i use this H1 to transfer or travel to USA? I mean how many years it comes under cap exempt?

4 The current validity is 3 years but if i enter usa after 1 year than only the time line starts of i already lost one year of eligibility. ( I do not have any stamping as of now . i will go for stamping after one year)

thanks in advacne

Hi Krunalbarot,

I can understand your anxiety as i was also in the same situation couple of months back. Please see my answers below

  1. You can request or H1b Approved copy by FOIA (Freedon of Information Act) , might take many months for you you to recieve.

  2. Yes , it is possible to transfer H1 without trevelling to US - i myself have done it.

  3. I believe Cap exempt counts only for the number of years you have stayed in USA .

  4. Nope , don worry as i said ealier only your work stay in USA counts. my ealier petition was valid till Sep 2016. After i got this transfered now its valid till Jun 2017 . And i am having Visa Interview in 1 more week.

off course need your best wishes for that :slight_smile:

thanks a lot munna bro… i have few follow up questions . if you get time please answer them:

  1. What is the process to initiate the FOIA for the reciept number?
  2. Will it be notified to my current employer and can it create an issue like they invalidating my h1b?
  3. Also i heard that i can appy under cap exempt till 6 years from year when selected in lottery?


Here is FOIA request info:

Your employer will not be notified.

Bro, what are the details we need to provide in FOIA as I don’t have my receipt number with me. Can they provide docs based on Name, DOB, Country and Passport? It would be great if you share what you filled in FOIA to get your approved docs. That helps me a lot. Thanks!!!

Hi @krunalbarot, I know its 5 years later, but I am in the same situation now. Were you able to get the receipt number and details somehow?

thanks in advance