any way to get some update from USCIS when it goes their for review

Hello, The embassy sent back my case to USCIS for review. Its already around 3 months but i did not heared any thing.

My employer is telling that it has not set time period for processing and we can not requeset  status.

Is their any way i can get some status or the only way is to wait.

Can u be more clear?

Is ur Petition Revoked or in Admin Processing?

HI, Embassy sent back to USCIS for consideration. Officially it is showing post decision actiivity.

Did u go for stamping?

ya i went for stamping and they asked for few more docs from empoyer. Second time i submitted them docs. After few days they send mail that they are sending my case back Department of Homeland Security’s United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for reconsideration

Ok. There might be some verification going on. Be patient. Ask Ur Employer or Attorney to follow up the case.
Have U got any number or receipt to check the status online? If so, check it frequently