Any problem if H4 petition detail is changed while the H1B result is pending?


I am on H4 and currently staying in US. I have applied for H1B this year and my application is picked up in lottery.


When my employer filed my H1B visa, my husband was working for company A. This means, my husband's H1B and my H4 petition were filed by company A.

Now ( after my H1B application is already filed), my husband quit company A and joins company B. So, currently, my husband's new H1B and my new H4 visa are filed by company B and are approved now.


Now, my H1B application is picked up in lottery. My question is since my H4 and my husband's H1 petitions detail are changed, will my employer have to file an amendment stating my new petition detail? I have checked this with my employer, they say it is not required. But I am worried whether the executive at USCIS will check my and my husband's current status detail. And upon seeing the different detail, will they reject my H1B application?


Thanks in advance!!