any one have recent H1 interview exp at mumbai

HI all

Any one have recent H1 interview exp at mumbai

i want details with questions…

what are sentiment any approval…is stemping started?

plz share if possible

thanks in advance

Yes, had my interview on 3rd July 2013. My H1B is for this year i.e FY2014. Lot of approvals as well as denials. Married couples were being questioned for long. You can go for stamping prepared with all the standard questions plus you can grab a seat in the first or second row at the interview hall, so you can listen to specific questions being asked.

thanks for reply
U got approval? if denials then we can able to go agian for interview?

also guide me or send me link where i can find standard questions as i am married couple


Yes my visa was approved. Not sure if you can reappear for interview after a denial and after how much time.

As for the questions, you can search for this forum and other forums for typical questions.

can u share ur questions list if possible?

Usually, they issue 221g and give you a chance to respond w/ the requested documents (if any). This is similar to RFE. If it is eventually denied, you can reappear for stamping. But you should first take care of the rejection reasons; else the next stamping will also run into issues.


plz guide me with standard questions list which they ask usually

tx in advance

You should go to the main blog, click on archive at the top of the page and then search for interview questions. There are several people who have shared their interview experiences.