Any Medical Check Required to land in USA


I got H1B visa very recent and would like to travel in next month. I would like to know whether any medical check up or vaccination required before landing to USA. I appreciate if any one can help me on this.

Many thanks in advance.



none that i know of m


  There is nothing that is mandatory as such. Read this article for full information on things you can do :


Even though it is not mandated, it is always better to go through a complete Medical checkup from an authorized Clinic/Hospital that at least covers the following tests.

Again, it is not mandatory but it will help to have proof of your Medical condition before travel.

	Lists of tests to undergo


	Hb TC DC MCV MCH MCHC PCV RBC Count Platelet Count




	Ur R


	Eye Check

	Chest X-Ray

I believe the medical checks are required before you are granted the visa, during the application process – look at this list here from the government site which tells you what kind of tests you need. I don’t think you need to show extra proof of these tests once you have already been granted the visa. You do need medical insurance for the US, however – make sure you get a short-term policy that covers accidents and illness before you arrive in the US.