any h1b visa procedure from my side?

hello sir/madam,i am from India and completed my B.Tech in 2015. i have proposal for H1b FY 2017. i have h1b sponcer from usa. and he is a CEO of a company so i think i should not disturb him frequantly. now my question is “Is there any visa procedure to do from my side ?”. i already sent my passport,resume, degree certificate to him. plz direct me because i can not effort any visa consultant.hoping for early reply. thanks

Few things:

  • Company you are dealing with can be a functioning both as visa consultant and eventual h-1b sponsor. Just because they are based in US doesn’t add more credibility

  • Do enough homework and background reference check on the employer before deciding on them

  • If they are asking for money, that’s a red flag

  • From H-1b process perspective, you have provided them all information. Nothing else needs to be done at this time