Any consultant for h1-b visa? Is it easy to convert b1 to h1-b is possible

I have been to US couple of time on my B1 visa.

Can anyone suggest any good consulatnt who does h1-b?

Is it easy to convert my b1 to h1-b? what’s the proceduce?

Waiting for a reply


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I don’t any companies, but the process is to find an employer and have them file H-1 petiion for you.

There is nothing like B-1 to H-1 conversion. If you are outside US, then your case is just like someone who has never had any US visa.

If you are inside US at the time of H-1 filing (on B-1, L-1, F-1, H-4 etc), then also its the same petition w/ only difference being that you opt for COS (change of status) instead of consular processing. This allows one to start working on H-1 w/o needing to get visa stamped in the passport immediately.

Thanks for the info! Regards.
Getting a employer is seems to be very difficult now a days…