Amendment RFE got denied, but my I-94 & original petition is valid

Hello sir,

please help me on this

my amendment RFE got denied(location : Seattle client:ABCD) 12th FEB-2020, but my I-94 & original petition(location : Austin Texas client -WXYZ) is valid till AUG11th -2020.

(earlier project location no work now, as it was a maintenance project I cannot move to Austin now)

now my question is my RFE got denied (I am yet to receive mail on decision notice) how long I can stay in US ?

2.I can reapply the amendment for the same location and same client ? i.e. (location : Seattle client:ABCD) there any out of status problem ? how long I can stay in US ? let me know

Thanks in advance.

  1. You can stay until you get the actual paper notice and then plan.
  2. You may do that.
  3. You are not technically not out of status yet, only your Amendment is denied. Your old one is technically valid, just that your project is over. You need to Discuss with your attorney on the options.