Amendment for Valid H1


I have valid H1 B Visa but my employee has still not asked me to travel to US. I have few questions :

1.Can i apply for amendment and what are the chances that it will not be rejected considering current outllook for H1B.

  1. Should I travel first and work with my current pettitoner and then try for change ?

Could you please suggest what should be the plan or action ?


  1. The amendment needs to be applied by the employer. If they are willing, then they can file one.

  2. Amendment is for location change. If you are going to work at current location, then travel now. If you are going to work at a different location, then file the amendment first and then travel.

Hi Saurabh,
1 Your employer didn’t send to US ,so how you will travel without employer notice.
2 you can travel same location as mentioned in I797 ,later you can go other location.