Am I within cap, received case no today

I received case number today but it says today’s date June 12. This came by email and it was premium processing. Did I made the cap? Or will apication be rejected in processing?

you’re in! congrats.

i am wondering, when was your petition delivered/received by USCIS, and which service center?

I saw email and it appears that case number is different from usual 13 digit receipt number. I am dumb on h1 but are case number and receipt number different? It mentions that 9035 form has been received and submitted for processing.

Sorry to say Mukands, 9035 form is Labor Condition Application which is one of the pre-requisite for H1 petition filling…9035 to be certified 1st which takes 7-10 days and then along with that i129 and other related reaching USCIS before June 11th is when you are considered cap-counted

As mentioned by Marvin in the below reply, you have received LCA number which doesn’t mean you are in the cap. You need to check w/ empoloyer if I-129 was filed w/ USCIS or not (I guess not as you just received LCA).