Am I too late to Do MBA?

Hi Kumar ,
I am having nearly 9 year of experience in IT and i am close to 2X of experience in CTC.

Is it good choice for me to go for MBA , am i late ? Will i be paid accordingly after MBA ? Is IIM is the only option considering my profile? Regular or executive? If executive ,do they provide placement in executive?

Thanks in advance

It is not late and I would say never late to do MBA. Well, getting paid always depends on how you plan your career progression with MBA.
No, IIM is not the only option, you have many choices, you can apply to study in US, Europe, other good colleges as well.
Regular or executive is your choice, depending on your phase of life and time availability.
Most of the executive MBAs are done by senior management for progression, they may or may not have active career placement, you need to check with the univeristy you study to know more…

overall, you need to plan and then only pick up MBA. Just studying without plan after will not get you anywhere…
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