Am I eligible to study on H4 visa after deffering it to next term ??


I got I-20s from Pace university and NJIT for fall 2012. But because of my personal reasons I want to defer the same to spring.

My Question is:

I will be going to U.S on H4 visa this september 2012.

Is there any possible way to join the school this spring 2012 on H4 visa itself ??

Please let me know what can I do ??

It will be very helpful to me, if some one can answer my question.

Yes, you can defer to Spring 2012. Make sure you update the same with admissions coordinator and international students advisor/ coordinator. Read this article, it has complete information : F1 Visa Defer admission in US schools. I20, Visa issues, Fees? Process - How to Defer? - RedBus2US