Am I eligible to study MBA in US being qualified 3 year in NAAC B graded university (ANU) with 67%?

This is Chaitanya. I am from India.
I am a 3 year graduate from Andhra Pradesh.
I need assistance regarding the following aspects :

  1. Am I eligible to study MBA in US being qualified 3 year in NAAC B graded university (Acharya Nagarjuna University) with 67%?

  2. What is the better option… To go for MBA in US with qualification or to go for MS in US after studying MCA in distance.

  3. Considering the above questions, can you please provide me a few universities which provide financial aid?

  4. Can I work while study in US?

  5. Which type of visa allow to work while study?

  6. Out of two options which would help me fetching visa without any problems?

Sorry for asking too many questions but I’m new and I need the information.

Hope you would answer all my questions.

Hi Sai,

As you are aware, US Bachelor degree programs run for 4 years and many non-engineering courses in India run for 3 years. This 1 year gap problem is being solved by some US universities through a 1 year bridge course which then allows the student to get admission into a course of interest at Master’s level. This is being done for MBA programs but not for MS. Visa approvals are a different matter and it all depends on what the Embassy feels about the University you are going to and your overall career purpose. Financial aid is possible but then again many Indian banks have started with loan options. On F-1 student visa, you are allowed to work 20 hours a week on campus. You need permission from USCIS to work off campus showing extreme financial hardship, an approval that is a little difficult to get because you did not show financial hardship when applying for visa.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,