Am i eligible to apply for H1 for the year 2014

Dear Saurabh

This is my situation. i came to U.S. in April 2013 on dependent visa (L2). and my wife has applied for L1 to H1 cos for the year 2013 and her petition got now i have to move to H4 dependent visa. my question is am i eligible to apply for H1 visa for the year quota 2014 ?. if so what would be the procedure ?. my qualification is M.B.A.( International Business) and Agriculture science at Graduation level. i am not having any back ground in IT like qualification or experience . i am learning a software course now and i wish i will work in IT field in future . if i am eligible to apply for the h1 based on my qualifications, what would be the procedure for filing h1?. if you think any other procedure which is better in getting H1,please suggest.

Thanks in advance

waiting for the reply

you would be eligible in your feild of graduation. You can try positions in International business/agriculture science. Why do you even what to get into IT?