Am I eligible for interview waiver program

Here is my situation, I got my visa stamping done with my previous employer and got the petition valid date till September 30 2015. Now I changed my employer and got the new petition valid date until March 2018, however am traveling out of country in November 2016 and have to get my H1B visa stamping done, when I am trying to book an appointment to schedule my interview at consulate it was giving a questionnaire to see if am eligible for interview waiver program. One of it is: Did your previous H-1B visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) expire within the last 12 months? So here is my doubt, as today’s date is Sep 26, 2016 can I say “YES” to above question as it didn’t expire yet with in the last 12 months while I am trying to book an appointment and take interview waiver program. OR should I answer “NO” as the date am trying to go out of country is more than 12 months.

You can answer Yes to that question onlY if you plan to take the interview before Sep 30. Travel date can be in future but the interview date should be within 12 months.

So reply Yes and drop the documents by Sep 29. I said 29th and not 30th as I am not sure if 30th is included in calculations or not.