Already in US, can i get my first H1-B stamping done in Australia?

Hey guys,

To give you a quick background. I came to US on H4, got my H1 B approved in 2010 - didn’t get visa stamp -> went back to H4 in 2012 ( have multiple H4 stamps on my passport) -> changed status to H1B again in 2014 , no H1 stamping yet -> in the mean time got divorced (so my H4 stamp is invalid) -> i need to get H1-B stamping now. So it will be my very first H1-B stamping. Can i go to Australia for that. since my parents just moved there so i would like to visit them, going to India or Canada just for stamping kinda doesn’t make sense. Please advise.


You (or your lawyer) needs to check if the consulate you are planning to go to allows first time stamping for TCNs. These rules vary by country and change occasionally so best to confirm.