After RFE response review status changed to Acceptance


My wife H1B filed on May 11 2012. on COS. My L1B extension got denied so we went back to India on July 28th. came back on my H1/ wife H4 in october. 

October 2nd my wife H1 got RFE asking about the status. Replied to RFE with the H1 and H4 documents on Nov 9th.  USCIS ststus changed to RFE Response Review. But 2 days back USCIS case ststus changed to Acceptance. 

wjhat could be the reason. i checked with the petitioner he said I may need to pay money to USICIS because of out of ststus after L visa extension denial.

as per the ststus we are Waiting for the amended notice.

Before that do you have any wife's case will be processed.

Thanks for your help,