After recieving approval my H1 petition, it is back to initial review.

Hi Sourabh,

My employer had filed for the H1 transfer which was subsequently approved and I recieved my approval notice (I797 with I94 attached), during that time on USCIS portal my status was in post decision activity (Also mentioned as approved). After 2 months or so I got an automated email from USCIS (because I had registered for alerts on their portal) that my status has been changed and it is now showing back to initial review, below is the exact message  on status change.

When I checked with my employer, they said it is due the form G28 which they have filed for their change of address ( they moved to a new facility recently)

I am not sure why it will affect my status, do you know if this is usual and if my status with them is in initial review although I have approval notice, can I travel and re-enter again ? Can my petiion recieve an RFE/DENIAL now ?

"On February 17, 2014, your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER.  Please check our website at [1-800-375-5283](denied:tel:1-800-375-5283) for live assistance. "






I have a similar case. My H1B was initially approved in March and now it has gone back to Initial Review. I am in the process of checking with my employer about the reasons on the backtracking.

Ashish, did you get a reapproval after that?

I changed my employer after that, although not related with this issue. After couple of months I checked my petition again with the previous employer and it seems to be withdrawn so I am not sure why it happened.

Hi Saidubbaka,

What is the reason it has changed from approved to initial review? What your employer said? what happened in that regard?
In my case, it was approved and I got my h1b stamped also and later now it got changed to initial review.

I miss read that application. It was my previous employer’s petition to cancel my h1, which was applied after I left the company. So I am good.