After issuance of f1 visa which documents are required at the airport?

I have got my f1 visa & I want to know the list of documents to carry to US & at time of immigration. So please give me list of documents which are necessary. Also give me information about form-i94,how it should be filled.

Dear Anis, Congratulations on your F1 visa! If you are traveling from India not much is required except for the I20 document sent to you by the Institution, a valid passport, and the name on the visa matched with the name on the passport. The I-94 will be given to you while you are aboard the plane and this is a standard form which is very easy to fill out. You must have a U.S. address to write in the place where it asks you where you plan to stay. No proof is required for this. Let me know if you have any other questions. I work as an Admissions Represetnative for International students at Colorado Heights University so these are questions that I deal with on a daily basis. Thank you! Stephanie Alcaraz-Reza, International Recruiter at Colorado Heights University in Colorado,